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Regional social humanitarian project “Dad is Near. Mum, LET'S talk"

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State Institution of Culture "Borisov Central Regional Library Named After I.Kh. Kolodeev"

Regional social humanitarian project  “Dad is Near. Mum, LET'S talk"

Justification of the project’s significance: How can you help families who find themselves in a difficult life situation, when one of the  parents made a mistake and ended up in prison? Support in word and deed.

The Social Project will help reduce the communication gap between convicted parents and their children. For parents in prison, such communication reduces the feeling of isolation and distance from their children. The library will help children to overcome the obstacles of space and time more easily, because they can virtually meet their parents in such a hospitable and safe place as the library.

This type of communication will contribute to better socialization and rehabilitation of the convicted family member after the end of the sentence, thereby reducing the likelihood of a second crime.

1. The name of the project: “DAD is near. Mum, LET'S TALK "

2.Project implementation period: 12 months

3. Organization-applicant, proposing the project: State institution of culture "Borisov Central District Library named after I.Kh. Kolodeev"

Cooperation:Social partner in the implementation of the project “Dad is near. Let's talk ”is the correctional institution“ Correctional Colony No. 14 ” Department of the Penal Correction Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Minsk and Minsk region

4. Aims of the project:

Overcoming the obstacle of space and time between children and their parents in prisons, through joint reading of books and communication.

5. Tasks planned for implementation within the framework of the project:

- Creation of a hospitable and safe place in the library for communication between the child and the parents who are in places of imprisonment through video communication;

- creation of an access point for video communication (installation of the necessary equipment, furniture, placement of advertising materials, etc.);

- acquisition of the collection of the children's department of the central library and the library of C No. 14 with modern and classical children's literature.

6.Target group:

- men and women who are in places of imprisonment on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

- their minor children, family members (wives, parents, guardians, adoptive parents)

7.Brief description of project activities:

Families, where one of the parents is in prison, 2 times a month during 1 year, will be able to meet in a calm and comfortable atmosphere of the children's department of the library for joint reading and communication.

For this:

Between SIK "Borisov Central District Library named after I. Kh. Kolodeev "and the correctional institution" Correctional colony No. 14 "(hereinafter - СorС No. 14) a cooperation agreement is concluded.

In the children's department of the central library and the library of СorС No. 14, access points for video communication are created (the necessary equipment, furniture are installed, advertising materials are placed, etc.).

3 identical sets of children's literature are purchased:

- 1 is sent to the library of CorC No. 14;

- 1 is sent to the children's department of the central library;

- 1 is kept in the central library in order to present a book read during a video call from a father or mother to their child.

According to the agreement, employees of CorC No. 14 prepare families for the meeting with the child.

The library staff together with the parents select the book that they want to read to their child or with him.

At the appointed time, the family with the convict's child arrives at the library. In an isolated room, video communication takes place, during which the parent reads the selected book and communicates with the family for 1 hour. After the end of the video call, the child receives the read book as a gift.

8.Total funding: (USD): 15,000 (USD)


Source of financing

Funding volume

(in USD)

Contributor funds


9.Location of the project:

Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Borisov

10.Contact person:

E.S. Kopytok, director of the library 8-0177-73-21-36

+ 37529-699-78-41 (A1)

11. Project page

on the Internet:

in the social network VKontakte

Региональный социальный проект «Папа рядом. Мама, давай поговорим»